Retired Skeptic

Officially done being a skeptic. Between the others losing focus to your deranged back and forth with this Amanda psycho, I can no longer participate in this. It’s all gone off the rails for me when you started claiming CCC isn’t real when he CLEARLY IS A REAL CHILD! Not everything is up for debate. Not everything he does anyone is entitled to. When that astrologer came back up (why I have no idea) but V.L.719 seems a hell of a lot more rational and believable than you at this point. I’m done, disgusted with you mainly, and I’ll figure out where V.L.719 posts her stuff. Feel like I can regain a brain cell.


Whatever. Bye. Oh, and if you think I can’t tell when I’m being trolled, you are wrong. Have a nice life…

LOL! Troll better take care of that neuron, they only have one


PS: Amanda who? GTFO.

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