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Rumours on the lot say that this whole BC charity campaign is trying to prove to marvel/disney that he has the pull to be a main. RDJ, CEvans and CHems’s contracts are ending and that opens up slots for new mains.That means big money, lots of exposure and lush contracts.

With the success and marvel-confirmed-sequel of BPanther, it’s likely Chadwick will get a slot. The other is rumoured to be going to CptMarvel ‘cause turns out diversity is profitable. The third is up for grabs.

Rumour has it THolland is a likely candidate but BC wasn’t a bad bet at one time either which is why they are being paired to gauge who the public responded to more warmly. Mackie is rumoured to detest THolland because he plagiarized some of Mackie’s material so that’s why he’s been pushing for BC between the two if that’s the choice. Also why there’s been so many non-marvel-confirmed rumours of a Doctor Strange sequel being pushed.

The other rumour circulating is because of HCavill and his new single status. He’s known for loving PRGFs (KCuoco) and has a preference for those with the kind of connections that can meet his ‘appetites’ (LCork). Unfortunately LCork wasn’t discreet enough and had to go.

Plenty of ladies vying for the spot (DLovato we’re looking at you) including SHunter who is advertising her experience as a RCGF, connections and rumour has it she was trying to present a ‘classic hollywood’ vibe at the Laureus awards to make herself appear more ‘refined’ and ‘mature’ (something PR has been semi-pushing to offset those pedo rumours). That’s why she’s abandoned the pregnancy3 attempt (for now). Also, why she was seriously pissed at the awards ’cause HCavill didn’t show, and he has been known to attend in the past.


Interesting. I’m not confirming this “tea”, only posting it. Not sure Zero could land another PR relationship gig after the way she fucked this one up. Besides, isn’t she a little old for Cavill?

This leak came back in March, well before all the pedos started being outed and those weren’t mere rumors that PR was trying to offset. “Preference for those with the kind of connections that can meet his ‘appetites’” Think about what that means. They didn’t say having a RCGF who can meet his appetites”, which is a given considering how many starlets etc. yatch on the side anyhow. Connections that meet his appetites means that the RCGF can supply her client with others. But why would they have to go through her if escorts of all flavors are easy to come by? The client doesn’t need a middleman unless they are into some really sick stuff and whoever ‘meets said appetites’ isn’t of legal age! Why would SoFail use that type of connection as a selling point? A direct line to VIP UK pedo and sex trafficking rings via Team Soso’s own supply chain. Recall what that insider said about the degree of FM corruption on the IoW, which can be seen as a microcosm reflective of places like London. Why was BC paired up with SoFail in particular? Reasons.

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