158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **#1**

So, you have a boyfriend that is going through financial problems and having to hide money in various shell companies. You just found out you are pregnant. Your income is not going to get you through. You get a call from an old friend who used to help you make connections that a foreign born A list actor is looking for some company and you would be perfect. You see your chance. You seduce him the first night so the pregnancy story will work. A month later you tell him you are pregnant. He now is not only giving you money which you funnel to your boyfriend, but the actor even marries you because he is a standup guy who won’t leave his pregnant girlfriend single.

Boyfriend: EA

Old Friend: HW

Girlfriend: RJG

RCGF: SH (never pregnant)

A List Actor: BC

Oh and tagging a photo taken by said A-Lister #naive and #movingonup is a brilliant way to let people know about your MO. Cheers!


One month, eh? How could SoFail get a damn US if she faked being pregnant? The chick who could get one was lying and that dovetails into the first BI. Looks like I was right about that other P2P ‘girlfriend’ that HW also hooked BC up with. We got confirmation that RJG was an escort whose resume was even less impressive than SoFail’s. Claimed she was an ‘actress’ despite being an extra


Be it by taking sneaky pics and/or videos working girls know all about blackmail. Now that RJG’s got one more dependent, she (and her BF) really don’t want to let go. 


You and SoFail both need to fuck the fuck off already…

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