A little story for the skeptics. A woman, I’ll call her V, used to work for BC, for years. Soso arrives and V is suddenly fired because she dares to call a spade a spade. V works for a close friend of BC, she gives good advices but quits when he does exactly what BC did. V now works for another friend of BC, not a famewhore one this time. Soso hates V so much but V isn’t afraid, BC tries to see V again but she refuses to even speak to him and avoids him. BC lost a good friend and realises it now


Interesting. I know something similar has happened with people in his life, but I didn’t here about this specifically, that I know of. (At least the working for other friends of his part). And what you describe regarding Zero’s attitude and behavior towards V is textbook for someone with NPD. My advice to V? Maybe start talking to Benedict again, but don’t accept the situation. In other words, continue to call a Spade a Spade, and a coward a coward. Allowing Zero to isolate him from anyone who sees through her bullshit only HELPS Zero.

Ditto. Could it be Viki Zaza? IIRC VZ was an academic though and it sounds like this V works in PR so SoFail needed to get her out of the way in order to do as she pleased. BC may have acquiesced to her demands out of fear. Thing is he was a rookie when it came to dealing with narcs, because you never give in or they will isolate and then methodically destroy you. With HCPs it’s all about boundaries and standing your ground…


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