An 85% EBD rate? Well, that would explain why SoFail and many of her fellow ‘divine androgynes’ are complete nutcases. It goes beyond gender identity issues, these people are genetically male but unable to properly process testosterone. As a result there are developmental abnormalities present throughout their bodies, including in their brain



Read it again just now on Twitter. “She’s this she’s that…. Well she is an American”

I’ve met so many from the UK while following this be insane rollercoaster ride called the MM. Love every last one of you with all my heart. But to those who dislike her, why add tongue in cheek that she is the way she is because she is AMERICAN.

I’ve been to the UK. I find we are similar in values, what life is about, struggles. We, and especially women, here in the US are hard workers, jobs are often hard to come buy, there are homeless, violence (my quiet street was shot up last night), we US woman have same fears and be hopes for our children, our political representatives don’t represent us… We US woman are not Hollywood/B list actresses who have slept around to get where we are. We US women are not cons. We US woman are generous loving women.

Stop labeling her American implying that’s why she is the way she is. She is a narcissist/con. Call it what it is. I’ve had enough of that implication!

Word, SoFail is as British as they come yet she acts like Maggot’s lost white twin. It’s not about race or nationality, they are both MKd (DID) on top of having NPD and BPD…

When a Narcissist is also a Borderline

“The most abusive combination of EBDs you can get.” Well, that explains a lot!

When a Narcissist is also a Borderline

“The most abusive combination of EBDs you can get.” Well, that explains a lot!

Ok, did anyone else notice the swelling below Ben’s right eye? In Melrose, Grinch promo, Brexit, at the Hawking memorial, several other occasions and now in the Endgame Premiere Omaze video. It certainly is no bad lighting or make up. What is this? His EDS? Stress? It wasn’t there earlier. Any ideas? Something to worry about?


Any of my Medblr peeps want to weigh in?


Yes, the Rich and Famous Really Are That Narcissistic

Many people with Cluster B EBDs such as NPD, BPD or HPD naturally gravitate towards the positions that give them the most supply. Other sane individuals however begin exhibiting something called Acquired Situational Narcissism or ASN once they are thrust into the limelight. If you are successful it’s a cognitive trap that you always have to make sure not to fall into…

Yes, the Rich and Famous Really Are That Narcissistic

Warning: You Do Not Want To Become A Narcissist’s Source Of Supply

By Christine Louis de Canonville


The narcissist always needs a constant source of “narcissistic supply” to support their fragile ego. Narcissistic supply is anything or anybody that allows the narcissist to draw respect, admiration, power, control, and support from their environment (i.e. accommodating people as their victims, a flash car, the clothes they wear, etc.). Indeed, anything that brings them attention and adoration is narcissistic supply. They need this endless bounty, and that is why they are always searching for new sources of fresh supply in their environment. Generally, it is the human victims that becomes the vessel through which narcissistic supply flows with the greatest abundance. But not all narcissistic supply is the same or has the same value to the narcissist. Basically, there are three sources of supply, each with a different function, and they are known as: – 1. Primary Narcissistic Supply (PNS), 2. Secondary Narcissistic Supply (SNS), and 3. Narcissistic Tertiary Supply (NTS). Each of these three sources has their own level of potency, depending of course, on how the narcissist uses it. All their sources of supply are related to anybody or anything that wins them “attention”, and that attention may come with either a negative or positive charge. Attention is vital oxygen for the narcissist because it is used specifically to regulate their fluctuating self-worth, a self-worth that goes up and down frequently and drastically. The narcissist stabilises their hyper idealised self-image by hearing people reflect how omnipotent they consider them to be, and they are especially happy when that level fits with their own image of their self.


The term Primary Narcissistic Supply applies to all those people that are almost always intimate partners, and they provide the narcissist with the attention they crave on a casual and random basis. These will be the people that the narcissist invests most heavily in at the start of the relationship, of course, eventually they will tire of this source, and then look for a shiny new replacement. They are especially drawn to Empaths because they are strong, altruistic, problem-solvers, sensitive, kind, dependable, and nurturing. For the narcissist, their primary source is their most important form of supply. They provide them with the most intimate relationships they experience because they have the greatest emotional charge attached to them. These are the people that they will go to the greatest lengths to hook, using an excessive amount of seduction and manipulation to entice them into their web of deception. This source of supply provides the narcissist with the greatest emotional reactions to their outrageous behaviour; therefore, they prize them as their highest oxygen providers. Remember, they only have one “primary source” available to them at any given time, this is partly due to the rush of excitement being enough, but also because they must invest so much time in the seduction and manipulation of this person who is presently the “flavour of the month”. The nature of the attention they provide can be experienced in either a public form (i.e. such as fame, celebrity, notoriety, or infamy, etc.) or in a private form (i.e. such as admiration, flattery, acclaim, fear, repulsion, etc.) (S. Vaknin, 2015). Even being notorious equates to being renowned. As you can see, it does not matter whether the attention is positive or negative, one is as good as the other; just as long as the narcissist is centre stage. Their primary source of supply are the people who will suffer most at the hands of the narcissist when things go wrong, the ones they unleash their most extreme rage and devaluation tactics on. Even after this person has escaped or has been discarded, the narcissist will keep trying to hoover and weasel their victim back into the relationship, where once again they can have a hold over them. Because they invested so much time and energy in their primary source, they feel entitled to keep reeling them in for drawing more oxygen out of them, whether it is now, next month, or ten years from now. Nothing pleases the narcissist more than knowing that the co-narcissist victim is still grieving for them, most especially after going through their painful discarding process. Even if the co-narcissist was the one to end the relationship by discarding them, they can still derive pleasure in knowing that their “supply” person has not been able to move on without them. Just when the co-narcissist victim begins to feel that their narcissistic has finally gone, like the proverbial boomerang, they will return again and again at varying intervals and trigger their pain. The pathological narcissist hopes to either hook the victim again or disturb their peace. One way or the other, they will keep the co-narcissist victim’s wheels spinning. Whatever the victim’s response, they will use their response to provide them with information on how to carry out the next hoover manoeuvre. Depending on how the land lies, their next approach may come directly from them, or they may control and abuse by proxy (employing one of their flying monkeys to carry out the task on their behalf). Sometimes there is no reason for them to do the hoovering behaviours. This is likely to be when they have already ongoing contact with the victim, perhaps because of the visiting rights around the children. Or they may be in the exciting rush of getting a new source of supply, so the task of hoovering does not even enter their head because of the thrill of a new conquest. Once again, it will be the pathological narcissist that will control when to employ the hoover manoeuvre tactic (or not), not the co-narcissistic victim.


Secondary Narcissistic Supply pertains to those people that are a constant presence in the narcissists life. They provide the narcissist with regular supply (i.e. spouse, children, subordinates and dependents, friends, family, colleagues, etc.), and are strictly for backup purposes. They are the first people the narcissist will turn to when they encounter difficulties with the Primary Source of Supply. People often ask the question, “Why do narcissist’s get married when they clearly do not love their spouse?” The answer is simple, although narcissists prefers the highly charged dynamic of their Primary Narcissistic Supply, however inevitability things go wrong (i.e. they may suddenly become bored, or they may fall-out with the person because they are not getting what they want from them). Suddenly, they will swing from their Idealization Phase (where the individual can do nothing wrong) to the Devaluation Stage (to where the individual can do nothing right), and the narcissist instantly disconnects. Whenever their Primary Source of Supply is unavailable they will turn to their Secondary Narcissistic Supply, most especially their significant others (i.e. wife/husband, children, etc.) to be recharged before they go in search of a new source of Primary Supply. This is their constant pattern of behaviour. They interact frequently with these people, getting their supply of oxygen from them, but not to the extent that they do with their primary sources of supply. The job of the Primary Source is to accommodate and give the pathological narcissist a secure existence and contribute to making them look like they are leading a very normal and well-adjusted life. For example, this provides the illusion that they have the companionship of a partner or spouse that fills them with pride, helping them stand out in the outside world. Also, being able to show evidence of a secure existence where they are financially secure and socially acceptable. The narcissist likes nothing better than to be a prominent member of the community, having a good reputation or profession, and generally being the picture of success. They also like to amass a range of status symbols (property, flash cars, fine clothes, etc.), and display them conspicuously for all and sundry to admire. They condition and train their secondary supply sources to support them in their charade. It is the personality of the supply person that determines what type of supply they become, so empaths often fulfill these secondary roles as well as being a source of the narcissist’s primary supply. It is the secondary sources that tend to last the test of time, that is because the narcissist only calls on them intermittently, especially at times when they have just discarded their primary source.


The tertiary source of supply appertains to a lower source of supply person for a narcissist, most often they are perfect strangers. According to G.H Tudor (a self-confessed narcissist) says: – They (Tertiary source of supply) are a useful set of individuals that the narcissist can turn to when they need a quick booster of oxygen; i.e. whenever they need an instant supply of positive energy, or as a source of focus for discharging negative energy. A tertiary source is especially useful when the narcissist suddenly loses their primary source of supply (even temporarily). For example, a client of mine arranged to meet her narcissistic mother in a local café. The meeting was a bit stressful for them both, as it was the first time they had met in months (following friction between them). However, the meeting was going as well as hoped by my client, who was consciously working hard to provide her mother with attention and a lovely gift. At one point my client (the mother’s primary source of supply) excused herself to go to the ladies’ room. When she returned to the table a few minutes later her mother was surrounded by several young waitresses engaged in laughing and talking with her. They were admiring the gift she had just received from her daughter and were telling her what a lovely lady she was. Clearly, in the absence of her primary source of supply the narcissistic mother promptly replaced her daughter with a lesser source to supply (A Tertiary Source of Supply). A tertiary source of supply applies to strangers or people the narcissist rarely sees. This short blast of seduction (i.e. the way they smiled at her, the compliments they gave her, their interest they showed in her, etc.) would have provided her with temporary attention for propping up her ego and making her feel superior. This would have helped her to discharge any stress she may have been experiencing from the difficult meeting with her daughter and rebuild her façade of being in control. The tertiary source also serves another function, it is often carried out as a form of triangulation, where it serves as a ploy to impress the other person of the narcissist’s popularity. This worked for the narcissistic mother very well with my client, because she remarked on the fact that “wherever her mother goes, people really like her.” If she were to have shown this irritation to her mother, it would have served to provide her with even more fuel, delighting her even further. Left without anybody to help them regulate their fragile ego, or to discharge their rage, or lift their spirits, the narcissist will increase their reliance on any tertiary source of supply. Unfortunately for them, in the interim, until the narcissist manages to secure their new primary source of supply, they must bear the brunt of the narcissist’s bizarre behaviour. These may seem like small boosts or discharges of energy, but over time, they amount to quite a bit of attention (positive and negative) for the narcissist. Should a narcissist recognise a tertiary source as being an empath, they will go out of their way to promote them to be a primary or secondary source of supply, they would, most probably, not be able to pass them over without trying to hook them. Empaths are cream of the crop where narcissists are concerned.

Oh oh!



Skippy, yet ANOTHER hit from the DM! “Revealed: Meghan and Prince Harry have lost THREE close aides since the royal wedding as private secretary follows her predecessor out of the door after personal assistant quit after just six months”

Thank you!

The most fascinating parts:

Narcs are human wrecking balls that leave destruction in their wake and cause nothing but misery to those around them. What she wants she gets, eh? Remind you of anyone else? A fellow honeypot SoHoe? Well, no one likes that bitch either. I cannot believe how otherwise reasonable individuals kowtow to self-absorbed, mentally unstable cretins. I refuse to do anything of the sort, if you insist on acting like a bratty toddler? I will treat you like one and it won’t be pretty. Say YES to boundaries and NO to enabling (and blackmail).

Can you explain a little about how a person with NPD can take control over the life of a public person? I can understand isolation techniques working with “regular” people, but with someone who has a lot of resources, it’s very confusing about how that happens.



How someone with narcissistic personality disorder attempts to take control of a person in the public sector depends entirely on what public sector the intended victim occupies. However, their methods are usually to control public image as how an individual is viewed by the public directly links with their level of success. Therefore, it is no coincidence that those in the public sector hire, fire and recruit PR agents staff and advisors.

For example:

  • Individuals in the political sector find their image is in direct correlation with votes. Generally a person will not vote for someone they do not believe coincides with their personal beliefs, views and concerns. Vying for positions of power result in the myriad of opposing posters, advertisements and commercials you see at set times every year.
  • Those in industry need the general public to purchase, support and invest in their products. Without monetary support a company will fail. Immoral and unethical business practices, CEOs engaging in unlawful behavior, mistreatment of employees can all lead to a company’s downfall.
  • Entertainment moguls, movie companies, thespians and artists rely entirely on outside support for their livelihood. Their public image is the product they are selling and if no one is buying or investing, then they have no revenue. Gauging public interest, climate and opinion is of paramount importance.

In the case of all those above, it is a war of who has the best resources, and best team to deal with potential public incidents. Behind each public facade is typically a “fixer” whose job it is to preserve their employers’ image. Someone with NPD takes advantage of this, threatens to go public with whatever they feel will damage or destroy a persons’ public persona. How the PR team responds depends on what the threat is, and the quality of the PR team itself.

What is different about dealing with a malignant narcissist is that these individuals do not honor legal contracts, laws or social contracts. Their activities are for the sole purpose of gaining supply: wealth, acclaim, attention. If they feel that the deal they have struck is not satisfactory in some way, at some time, they will act out. They will strike at the individual in order to try to gain further, quality supply.

For some pathological narcissists versed in these public politics, they will not only attempt to take control of the individual but their PR team, assistants and management as well. A public persona has many moving parts and the narcissist will attempt to control as many of those as possible. This serves to gain them further control and isolate their target.

What good are resources if those employees are no longer moving in their employers’ best interests? These people, too, have a public image they wish to maintain to remain employable and profitable. It is a constant struggle to be marketable.

THIS is exactly what Zero has been doing to Benedict!

Indeed and Team Soso has managed to compromise most of Ben’s Dollar General Team as well as his fucking business partner! Why anyone would give a brain-damaged loon like SoFail the time of day is best explained by her equally stupid backers. WOA, next time? Hire better help, she’s left y’all completely open 🙄…


Angelina Jolie,Amber Hear and Meghan Markle its seems this person have the same word “venomous”.

Add Sophie Hunter to that list, they are all Cluster Bs.

A little story for the skeptics. A woman, I’ll call her V, used to work for BC, for years. Soso arrives and V is suddenly fired because she dares to call a spade a spade. V works for a close friend of BC, she gives good advices but quits when he does exactly what BC did. V now works for another friend of BC, not a famewhore one this time. Soso hates V so much but V isn’t afraid, BC tries to see V again but she refuses to even speak to him and avoids him. BC lost a good friend and realises it now


Interesting. I know something similar has happened with people in his life, but I didn’t here about this specifically, that I know of. (At least the working for other friends of his part). And what you describe regarding Zero’s attitude and behavior towards V is textbook for someone with NPD. My advice to V? Maybe start talking to Benedict again, but don’t accept the situation. In other words, continue to call a Spade a Spade, and a coward a coward. Allowing Zero to isolate him from anyone who sees through her bullshit only HELPS Zero.

Ditto. Could it be Viki Zaza? IIRC VZ was an academic though and it sounds like this V works in PR so SoFail needed to get her out of the way in order to do as she pleased. BC may have acquiesced to her demands out of fear. Thing is he was a rookie when it came to dealing with narcs, because you never give in or they will isolate and then methodically destroy you. With HCPs it’s all about boundaries and standing your ground…


What’s in a Name?

By Dr. T

The label “mentally ill” has been co-opted by Cluster Bs, primarily by Borderline Personality Disorder activist groups in a way that seems to enable the disordered individuals and perpetuate the abuse of Nons. These organizations goals generally include:

  • Educating the general public and friends/families of BPD’s about the disorder as they define it
  • Painting a rosy and unrealistic picture of treatment outcomes
  • Legitimizing and enshrining BPD’s professional victimhood status
  • Instructing the Non’s on how they should behave lest they “trigger” the BPD’s myriad insecurities, fears, paranoia and jealousies (which pretty much absolves the BPD from any personal responsibility for her behaviors)
  • Preventing self-identified BPD’s from being stigmatized
  • Protecting the rights of BPD’s

BPDs don’t want to be “stigmatized.” Okay. Then how about treating others with the same respect and consideration for their rights and feelings that you demand from everyone else? If I treated my loved ones the way most Cluster Bs treat their nearest and dearest, I would be profoundly ashamed of myself and deserving of social censure and stigma.

As for BPDs insisting on having their rights protected—snort! That’s very rich considering that Borderlines/Narcissists/Histrionics/Sociopaths are the biggest offenders when it comes to violating the rights of others. Giving these individuals the protective cloak of “mental illness” makes it far easier for self-identified Borderlines to manipulate and guilt others into enabling and tolerating their worst behaviors, which I believe are fundamentally sociopathic. Specifically, when we identify someone as physically or mentally ill, most people feel compassion and make excuses and adjustments for their strange behaviors and limitations.

When an individual’s strange behaviors and limitations include purposefully and maliciously hurting others (I don’t care if it’s because they’re feeling hurt or not validated), having zero empathy for anyone but themselves and consistently blaming others for their bad behavior we must not make allowances and excuses for them. We need to get as far away from them as we possibly can and stay away.

One of the hallmark characteristics of Cluster B disordered individuals is that they rarely see their own behavior as the problem. They don’t think there’s anything wrong with them—someone else is always to blame for their unhappiness and failures. On the rare occasions when they’re actually willing to admit that something they said or did was hurtful, it’s always followed by a “but,” which then reassigns their personal responsibility to another party.

These individuals typically only seek treatment if they’re a) court-ordered; b) trying to manipulate or gain a therapeutic ally to abuse their partner, or c) experiencing a severe consequence that they can’t blame away with their usual mental gymnastics. Therefore, if they’re not bothered by their behavior and you are, then it’s just too bad for you. You’re the one with the problem and you should be in therapy to learn how to accept them as they are. Is your brain spinning yet? Treatment-resistant? You bet.

Are Borderlines, Narcissists, Histrionics and Sociopaths Really Mentally Ill?

Cluster Bs aren’t “mentally ill” like Schizophrenics and Bipolars are mentally ill. Schizophrenics and Bipolars can’t control their bizarre thoughts, behaviors, impulses and/or hallucinations without medication and deserve our compassion and sympathy. Many self-identified BPD’s and other Cluster Bs plaintively bleat the following statements with great regularity:

But I can’t help the way I am!”

I didn’t ask to be BPD!” (Reminds me of a disaffected teen shouting, “I didn’t ask to be born!” Yeah, well, you’re here now, so what’re you gonna do about it?)

Don’t lump us all in the same category! We’re not all the same, you fraud! Boy, some woman must have really hurt you to make you so bitter, you misogynistic lesbian!” (Erm, by virtue of your diagnosis for which you’re a self-appointed spokesperson, you’ve already been lumped into a diagnostic category and, by the way, attacking people who don’t see things your way is, well, kind of proving my point. Oh, and not a lesbian and not bitter.

Just trying to help people protect themselves from predators, which understandably makes things more difficult for you, but I digress. Oh and one last thing; ‘misogynistic lesbian,’ seriously? First, have you ever heard of the term ‘oxymoron’ and, second, I’m ‘misogynistic’ because I believe it’s equally wrong when women abuse men as when men abuse women? Grow up, you perpetual infants, but now I’ve really digressed.)

Whenever a BPD offers up these two chestnuts (or some variation of them), what she’s actually saying is:

Unlike other adults, I’m not responsible for my actions.

I don’t have to be responsible for my actions because I’m ‘sick’ (or in the case of NPD’s/HPD’s/APD’s, because I’m special.”)

You must tolerate my bad behavior because something you did or didn’t do triggered it.

This is all nonsense, of course. Unless a Cluster B is actually experiencing a psychotic break, most are quite capable of controlling their bizarre and abusive behaviors when it suits them. Specifically, a Cluster B can control her external behavior when:

  • She is love bombing you.
  • She is trying to hoover you back into the relationship.
  • She is in the presence of people whom she fears and/or wants to impress.
  • She is trying to manipulate you into giving her money, paying off her debts, marrying her, letting her move in with you or putting her name on your house or bank accounts, for example.

Most Cluster B’s only mistreat and abuse people who they’re certain will let them get away with it. Validating their emotions, beliefs, assertions, and accusations just because they’re having them, which often have no basis in reality, only enables them to continue to jerk you around.

Personality “Disorder” or Just Bad People?

Cluster B personality disorder individuals are not mentally ill. Many of their behaviors and beliefs are counter to societal norms, but they’re not crazy in the sense that they’re not responsible for their actions due to insanity. Having zero impulse control doesn’t make you insane; it makes you an out of control child. Why do we insist on referring to a woman who has no empathy, no conscience, no sense of fair play, no personal accountability, who takes malicious pleasure in deliberately hurting the people who are closest to her, who believes the people she harms or takes advantage of “deserve it” and who believes she is entitled to take the material assets others based on nothing more than an unfounded belief that she “deserves it” or that she is “owed it” because of some misperceived sense of “specialness” or victimhood as “sick” or “mentally ill?” These may be aberrant social behaviors and attitudes, but it doesn’t make them sick or incapable of controlling their outward actions.

Instead, let’s call them what they are; sociopaths. All the Cluster B disorders are just similar flavors of sociopathy. Giving Cluster B individuals and their ilk the protective cloak of “mental illness” provides them with a “get out of jail free card” and allays our existential dilemma on the concept of evil. Instead, we tell ourselves, “She has problems. She’s sick. We have to be patient and understanding.” Not so surprisingly, we don’t afford men with the same aberrant behaviors the same compassion, slap on the wrist justice and material and legal entitlements; we label them as sociopaths or deviants and put them in lockdown facilities where they can’t hurt anyone.

Cluster Bs, both male and female, are ultimately sociopaths (i.e., no conscience or empathy for those whom they have hurt). They lack the higher level of brain functioning that makes having ethics, morals, empathy, good judgment, introspection and impulse control possible. Recent research shows that the lower brain (the old reptilian or “alligator brain”) is more active in sociopaths and borderlines than the neocortex. This means the “fight or flight” mode of thinking is perpetually on—eff over or be effed over; I win you lose. This is their worldview and they see nothing wrong with it. They also believe everyone else thinks and feels the same, which seems to allow them to justify even their worst behaviors. Furthermore, “sick” implies that there’s some cure. Last time I checked, no real illness was cured by the love and patience of a second, third or fourth party. People with anxiety disorders have to take active behavioral and cognitive steps to reduce their anxiety in order to treat it successfully. People with depressive disorders have to take active behavioral and cognitive steps in order to treat it successfully. Borderline activists insist that part of their “successful” treatment is to have their emotions validated. Even when they can occasionally acknowledge that many of their emotions, fears, suspicions and insecurities have no basis in reality, that’s when they claim it’s especially important for Non’s to validate their one-sided, chaotic emotional BS. Validating Cluster Bs emotions that have no basis in reality and being tolerant of the spiteful acts that spring from their faulty emotional reasoning is collusion. When you do so, you become a willing victim and a participant in a folie à deux.

Is It Time for New Labels?

There’s a lobby of BPD activists who want the psychiatric community to change the term “Borderline Personality Disorder” to Emotional Dysregulation Disorder. Aside from having to edit all of my previous posts, I say a rose by any other name would still have nasty, hooky little thorns. Pardon my language, but I think the terms crazy asshole, mean jerk, toxic person or bad person are better than diagnostic labels. Why? Because everyone knows that you should avoid crazy assholes at all costs and whenever possible. Fundamentally, Cluster B disordered individuals are primitive, predatory personality structures. I don’t even like the term “personality disorder.” “Character disorder” is better. These people have poor characters. It’s like my mom used to tell me when I was occasionally bullied at school, “There are just some mean, bad people in the world and you’re better off staying away from them. If you can’t find someone to help you, then run away.” She didn’t encourage me to try to figure out what was wrong with them or to have sympathy for them. Frankly, I’d rather spend time with schizophrenics. They’re typically not vicious and, unlike Cluster Bs, their pathology primarily affects them the worst instead of anyone who gets too close to them.

PS: Yes, I realize that many individuals with Cluster B personality disorders were abused as children and I am truly sorry for that. However, that does not make it okay for them to abuse other people as adults. Their needs and feelings do not trump others because they were abused as kids. It just makes them another physical/emotional abuser in a long line of abusers. 


Brad Pitt ‘Was Done Being Mr. Nice Guy’ in Custody Battle

He never should have been ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ considering that she coldly plotted to file for divorce on false premises to begin with! He should have started working with an NPD/BPD expert right away. BP got involved with a Cluster B basketcase with a history of unstable relationships and is now paying the price. Their behavior before, during and after a LT relationship is cookie cutter.  He’s probably relieved that he no longer has to deal with her on a day to day basis…

Brad Pitt ‘Was Done Being Mr. Nice Guy’ in Custody Battle