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Hello Skippy! I’m back – again! Ha! Who would have thought people would be interested in what I’m saying!?

I didn’t scroll to see all of the messages, so I hope I encompass everything in this one post – I promise it will not be as long or as tedious as the others (I hope…).

Yes, there is every possibility that they used our ideas or used and abused our time and energies and never wanted to go through with a deal or a contract. It’s why you don’t ever fully give them everything – but truthfully, it would explain why the PR reads like an amalgamation of random, slightly convoluted stories all competing for attention. Such as the “Meghan is a vegan and helping Harry to be plant based” story, followed swiftly by the “Meghan LOVES seafood – she’ll have to give it up when they get engaged!” followed even more quickly by “Meghan is vegan… in the week” and so on and so forth. It does feel a bit like a tennis match. IF they did decide to not hire anyone and approach all of these PR firms with no desire to push anything forward, then more fool them. It’ll never help. As much as I love America and my North American friends, they will never have a full grasp of British Culture and Heritage quite like someone who has lived, loved and been absorbing it their whole lives.

As to who could be paying for this? Honestly, no clue. The PR people we met with worked with Meghan on Suits, and many of them had overlapping aims with Suits, and truthfully, an article today appeared and made me think about whether they still are her primary PR. There was an article on the Daily Mail about how Meghan misses acting in Suits – did anyone see it? 

I thought – given I hope I have been blunt about the murky world of PR relationships – that perhaps I would give you a short list of our “go-to” sites and magazines for our PR drive. OBVIOUSLY, each Client is different and each style or aspiration of the PR is different. But we currently have a number of Actresses on our books – much like Meghan – and these are the outlets:

  • The Daily Express (incl. Sunday)
  • Hello! Magazine
  • Ok! Magazine
  • Women’s Daily Magazine
  • Daily Mail (esp. Femail – they’re often the biggest offenders for PR fed stories)
  • The Guardian (for when we want our clients to appear “in touch” with the millennials who predominantly read the Guardian)
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Tatler
  • Good Housekeeping (I HATE them – sorry. They’re pure ‘sugar’ as you would call them Skippy. You want an article in there? Send them anything and give them a cheque and they will publish it)

Sometimes we will use The Sun, but truthfully, most people who buy the Sun are NOT our core readers for our Clients. So it’s a waste of money and effort on our part.

I should also add something which maybe will put some people’s minds in to perspective. The rise in “Fake News” is an interesting time. We’ve been told for a good year now that “Fake News” is surrounded by us. Do you want to know who the pioneers of “Fake News” are? The PR firms and the PR teams. We CREATED “Fake News” to sell you the truth we want to depict. “Fake News” is both a PR generated concept and a result of dangerous PR games like the ones the British Royal Family and Meghan seem to be playing with. Fire with Fire, it seems.

I know I sound like I am promoting a dystopian image of PR, and truthfully, it’s a very trying job – I am looking forward to leaving it and going back to University to do a Masters – but when you think about “Fake News”, you will think of the Trump-Clinton Campaign. Right?


Think Meghan-Harry.

Ok this is so great,  thank you!  You don’t think it could be SoHo paying?😁❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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