Meh I wouldn’t be too worried about Sofs offing BC for the sake of a new mark, ’cause the rumors on the lot say that they called in a specialist back in May to write up a blacklisting to make sure that she won’t get any kind of work in the industry – EVER – if something happens to BC and she’s in any way tied to it. They also say they had some other legal written up along the lines of: “if something happens to BC she gets nothing but being thrown under the the following buses.” So rumors say.


I would expect nothing less from Disney…but I’m not saying Zero would off him…I’m saying someone may off BOTH of them.

That’s good to know and I hope it’s more than rumors but SoFail still needs to go. If you need that kind of legal protection against someone? You don’t want them anywhere near you, not to mention that her allies DGAF. Also? Good luck blacklisting her from her industry of choice: trafficking. She will keep chipping away at BC’s reputation and his sanity to get back at him. Narcs are that nasty, they will try to destroy their mark for the hell of it and fear of repercussions won’t hold them back. 

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