Hi Gator, So this won’t be a popular opinion but, and i sure hope it’s not true, thr only reason she would not want to pose on the RC w Ben is that she is pregnant and doesn’t want the timing speculated on. So she covered her belly with her bag and we don’t see enough of her front view in the single pic to be sure she’s as flat as they’re saying. They’re trying to control announcement. Wimbledon, maybe? More bang for buck.


Oh, I can think of several reasons they didn’t let her on the red carpet…and she still tried to bait another pregnancy! She makes it look oh so effortless to get pregnant after age 35…probably because she was never pregnant…I don’t doubt that she wants everyone to THINK she’s pregnant, especially now that DS2 has been confirmed! I just hope Benedict doesn’t let her pull another stunt.

Is that you SoFail? The front photo was clear enough so stop acting stupid. Maybe you should ask yourself why it was taken. Don’t bother dusting off your fake belly collection, they already shut you down after you tried to bait at JLC. It’s not BC’s fault that Henry Cavill wasn’t interested in what you were selling…

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