Here’s a story of Ben running with a pram yelling, faster! Saw it on aa-ww, didn’t want to bombard his/her post.


Nice timing.

Reblogging because I just realized that, ONCE AGAIN, only one child is mentioned! Can Benedict not take both boys out at once? Or can he only borrow one kid at a time?

Timing and the fact that it’s on some no-name site says it all. WTF did I just read? It sounds disjointed, did SH ask her SIL to write this tripe for her? Why would BC yell at a child when he is the one pushing the pram? Is SoFail trying to put this out there to level false accusations against BC? Hoe don’t do it, it didn’t work for St. Angie and it certainly won’t for you. Your Team won’t save you from Mickey…

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