Could Team Zero get any more obvious?! Lmao. Nice try Sophie, but you blew it when you played yourself up too much! Keep pissing of the Rat, darling. I.Dare.You.

First you implied that BC and TH were an item, now it turns out it’s ER? Would it have anything to do with the fact that TH also works for Marvel now? You can’t even keep your lies straight! Bwahaha! Overqualified?!? For what? Career sabotage? Your NPD is showing SoFail. ER pings, HB is definitely his beard and theirs is an amicable business arrangement. BC? Had a casting couch reject foisted upon him by Uncle Harvey despite not needing a beard. You were hired as a RCGF but used your wiles to upgrade your contract. You’ve faked two pregnancies, committed registration fraud, embezzled money and trashed your fake SO in the tabs. Compare that to HB who maintains a low profile and has done nothing of the sort…

As for BC not being as ‘personable’ (presumably towards you) as he was prior to DS? That’s because he’s tired of your nonstop fuckery and the Rat’s got his back ;)! Y’all can’t keep threatening and bullying him into submission anymore. Now leave him alone and go find some other mark >:(.

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