Call me crazy but I think she looked prettier before she did all that stuff to her face, it was more interesting to look at, imperfect nose and all. It’s too bad about her teeth, it’s not like they were awful and they suited her better than whatever she did to make them horsey. Plus they seem uncomfortable as she’s constantly seen sucking/adjusting them when she thinks no one’s looking. It never ceases to amaze me how naturally happy/pretty she can look when she’s not with BC and or camera-high.


Agreed. And the closet skeptic who saw her at LL said she is much prettier in person than on camera, ironically. Not gorgeous, but pretty.

SoFail’s not particularly photogenic or attractive for that matter. She was somewhat pretty up until her early 30s but lost too much subcutaneous fat. That aged her and her nasal cartilage collapsed after a bad rhinoplasty. That is a common problem in heavy cocaine users which we know she is…

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