First kudos to BC stepping up for equal pay! But, looks like Rachel’s sister-in-law’s film adaptation will be SM’s next project. Oh boy!

Oha! Great move of him. But regarding the next SM project I don’t know what will be done with the film after a book by Weirdo’s sister in law. I don’t have very high expectations for that to be a success. We will see. :-/ Maybe there is some talent in her family after all.

Blah blah blah. When Benedict stands up for HIMSELF, I’ll be impressed.

Yeah, really. Because nepotism is all about fairness and posh white women need more opportunities…GTFO with that BS. We heard all about how the rotten Hunter Clan made threats in order to get their payout way, Charlie. I don’t think they want those details getting out because it would paint them in a very bad light. How many other projects has SM announced mainly to entice investors? A bit too many. What BC emphasized is very telling, they are having cash flow problems and are finding it difficult getting more goldfish to bite. I’d like to remind him that letting your dishonest ‘associates’ max out company CCs and embezzle funds doesn’t exactly inspire investor confidence…


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