by Delmira Agustini

In my dreams of love I am a serpent!
I glide and writhe like a stream
Two capsules of insomnia and hypnosis are my eyes
The point of enchantment is my tongue
And I beckon like a sob!
I am a vial of the abyss

My body is a ribbon of delight,
It glides and writhes like a caress …

And in my dreams of hate I am a serpent!
My tongue is a venomous fount;
My head is a diabolic diadem
A beam of death, in a sidelong glance
Are my pupils and my body in gem
Is the sheath of a thunderbolt!

If thus I dream my flesh,
My mind is this way;
A long body, long, that of a serpent
Vibrating eternally, voluptuously!

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