Ballsy:   So … what the fry was all the YALC walk-throughs about PR?

Like srsly just scroll.

Apparently Ben just wandered around this part of the con, over and over.  Kept walking past people, they keep tweeting that they saw him again, and again,  He walked thru talks, he waved and smiled, and then he did another walk around. 

Ummmm … 


Srsly, there’s are 100s of these tweets.  He must have just wandered around and around that area.  I really hope it was just the “way thru” but there are WAY too many tweets of multiple encounters, and he (more than once) crashed talks.  This has to be deliberate.  Why?

Honestly, I have no clue of why he did that so often. Did he want to Show himself as a nice friendly actor people could see a few times? Did he want to catch the atmosphere among the fans of whatever other universe? If he wanted just that or overhear conversations he wouldn’t have needed the bodyguards always with him. That still looks so overdone and silly to me. He is not in that high a league or a high ranking politician……no idea what that was for.  

Exactly @jazziedu and he wants that people talk about it on the social media. 100% planned and calculated.

This is what happens when you allow a narc fameho to cause irreparable damage to your image. NEWSFLASH: The damage is done Ben and you are not going to get most of your pre-Sham cred back. You blew hot/cold and shilled everything from shoes to your trainwreck of a fauxmance in the tackiest way possible. Is it any wonder that people don’t trust you like they used to? The longer you live this lie the worse it’s going to get…


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