Can someone translate? It’s a shame the person’s hand is over the last part of the interview that says something about Motto?

Hahahaha. He is of course happily married with two little children. All the German papers state that as a fact. But he is never seen with his “wife” or the “pilos” not on the streets, not in the park and not on the cute little market in his area. They don’t live together BC and SH and there are no living children that came from that relationship, they don’t exist. The German press seems not to know that and believe the fairytale.

Oh Benedict? Marvel? Did you happen to know about this article?

This seems to be another composition of questions and answers Ben made in various interviews during 2014-2016. The answers sound quite familiar to me. I do believe he has never given THAT interview at all.

Indeed, I just read through it and I remember most of them. His “answers” to the personal questions are quite vague precisely because it’s just more reheated CopyPasta. The “interviewer” is the one that talks about the ShamFamily and answers the “question” with a BC quote from 4 years ago. Last time they tried this Team SoSo got in trouble because they were too blatant in pushing their agenda. They toned it down but that still won’t save them… 

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