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204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/19 **#2**
Our favorite foreign born A list dual threat actor had quite the big hit. Despite the fact he is married, there are several people out there who have made it clear, they would like to be involved with the actor. His wife has been leaking stories to tabloids about how happy the couple is and how she is set to do something she didn’t do at the time of marriage, just to show the world how close they are.

See this? Enty warned in advance that there would be fuckery. Jealousy? Bitch please, this is not about the casual dating that never stopped on either side.

SoFail had already shown that she wanted to hijack the S4 promo. She tried to do so at the very beginning of December with the Sherlocked FB page etc. but wasn’t welcome at the premiere so this recent lame Fail rehash was the only thing she could manage. Moftiss is not going to be happy about this so it also served to drive a wedge between BC and his castmates…again. Same goes for the low-budget social media blitz we’ve been seeing as of late. Please don’t be an idiot and say that anyone needs that waste of hypodermic needles to promote S4…it’s NYE not Opposite Day. SH needs S4, DS, Ben…Jane Birkin, in short anyone or anything famous to promote herself because she has nothing to offer. Potemkin is her middle name and her MO is cheap publicity by proxy. I only have one thing to tell both SH and 2016:


-and take your BS with you.

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