S Anon:  And now we have video evidence of BC in the church in Edinburgh. So the ‘nanfiction’ is right. Again. 🙂 


Nonny123:  https://www.facebook.com/charlotte.a.hulme/videos/10155654821363642/

@gatorfisch@gatorfisch got this link sent in, it’s definitely BC from what I can tell. I think the hair checks out. I don’t know why people are so surprised he was Edinburgh. I thought we figured out that might happen beforehand. *shrugs*


Anna:  I was wondering when I’d be graced with the link to the Edinburgh video.  Other Skeptics got the link sent to them a few hours ago and shared it with me, but I wanted to see how many hours it would take before I got it.  It turns out 2 hours and 43 minutes…  When people send me links belatedly, they should know they’re just providing me and my cohorts with a headstart to debunk them and that usually doesn’t turn out so well for the narrative the Nans are trying to push.

The video in itself is quite grainy, so it’s really hard to tell whether or not it’s actually Ben and Weirdo, but I’ll play along because I’m nice and love to be entertained with such stuff.  Here’s a couple of screenshots from the video because I don’t want to put Skeptics through the trouble of downloading the video on their hard drive and then trying to hit pause at the right moment to see what Ben’s hair looks like:

This is too easy cause the hair is off and doesn’t match the Sherlock screening hair Ben had last Monday.  Not only in terms of colour (which is actually lighter nowadays).  It’s quite evident how short his hair is trimmed on the sides and neck on this pic with Martin:

Not only that, but Weirdo’s fringe nowadays is too long to match how short it looks pushed down by that bobble hat she’s wearing in the church:

So… when did Ben actually have a fluffy head of hair that was also dark?  And when was Weirdo’s fringe short enough to match the way her hair looks in the St Giles video?

Like I said, Skeptics really shouldn’t be given a headstart.  I was wracking my brain trying to remember where to look when @gnanon reminded me of the Star Wars premiere.  Sure enough, Ben’s hair was right on point with the St Giles video:

and it seems we also have a match for Weirdo’s fringe as well:

Now, can we stop talking about a year old video that is being used to gaslight us (because apparently Ben can’t be bothered to play along this Christmas) and actually focus on the important stuff, like talking about the latest BI reveal Enty just put up?  LINK


Right on all counts Anna. Oh SoFail, when I said it was too much stupidity for one person? I meant it. Next time you get people to lie on your behalf make sure they are smarter than you are. Charlotte said that you attended the church service at 10:30 am, it was on there clear as day all of two hours ago. Before her one remaining brain cell kicked in and she corrected her mistake…too bad skeptics have a habit of taking screenshots. Of everything. The internet doesn’t forget…speaking of which:


What’s this? LMAO! All you had to do is send a memo to your minions with one version of your BS fairystory. That you went to the 8:30 am service which would have made BC’s XMas Lunch with his folks at least somewhat plausible. But you couldn’t do that because you had to make it all about you. Fucking narc…


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