No, Ben refused a selfie with Mark Hagen and his friends at the start of the evening, they were annoyed at that so tweeted about it. Later on they met some service men, who did take a selfie with them – so thats why they moaned again about Ben. I don’t want people to get facts wrong.


Ballsy:   Thanks Messie. 
Good to get that straight.  So he
didn’t refuse a selfie with the Servicemen.
Good.  But did still refuse a
selfie, and it was at an event – odd.

Well, it looks like Pissybatch made an appearance. It was quite rude of him to refuse to take a selfie with a peer at an exclusive event. IMO the reason is simple though, BC won’t take more pics than he has to because he feels like a bug in a belljar. If BC wasn’t living one huge lie he wouldn’t be so paranoid, he would carry on as always. Remember the BI about SH having a panic attack apparently after finding out about the terms of the fauxmance? Methinks BC had a similar reaction once he was in too deep. I can’t believe some people can’t see that. Oh and Ballsy, it seems like the servicemen took a selfie with MH not BC. Servicemen who have medals for putting their lives on the line vs. playing pretend and kissing up to slimy politicians. 

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