Mega Post (3rd July)  # 4



(4/1)  Oh much swollen
ankles!  While he is doing better, her
smile isn’t reaching her eyes…kinda like the face you make when you’re dared to
such a lemon, grin and bare it Sophie, grin and bare it! 

Well since he appears to be commenting on here, I’ll leave
it up to him regarding the sun screen application.  None of us want him doing anything he felt
uncomfortable with.  😉

– Pupok the Scorpion

Ballsy:   Well, he has a goat fetish.  If you offer some of that gelato?


(4/2)  cue the
articles and quotes about life as a new dad, how bc is dealing w fame, hamlet
and fatherhood, a few quotes about how amazing sh is and how she is super mum,
but so so private (but the click bait money will roooollllll in). coming up in
the next few days, maybe even tomorrow.

Ballsy:   Awaits with glee!    Readies DoucheCanoe pic.


(4/3)  ahahha already
an article aaaalllll about how they don’t look tired at all and SH is right
back to her pre baby body, like she was never preg. all that precious few
weeks. i know kk was out w her dh, but neither of them are working for hours a
day on hamlet. who cares! leave the baby for multiple events while he is also
gone 10 hrs a day! LMAO awful, awful parents these two. bad behaviour while she
was preg, neglectful now. bad parents

Ballsy:   Good
point.  I don’t think Kiera is working at
the mo is she?  So even with a few couple
outings to have a break, she’s spending 99% of her time with bub.   But he
IS working.   Long hours.   AND
attending events.      


(4/4)  they brought
her out too early. they should’ve waited another few weeks. i’m curious how
many are now boarding the fake preg train after seeing her ‘post-baby body.’
what an insult to my intelligence. i’m on the border of not caring anymore. he
can fuck up his life if he wants to. the public won’t embrace him like they do
other h’wood men. he doesn’t have the wide appeal he thinks he has. even if the
truth stays hidden, he won’t be able to cope with the weight of all the lies
and he’ll crumble.

Ballsy:   Yep,
too early.  Should have waited
longer.  But they’ve fucked up everything
else about making this in any way plausible.  
In for a penny.  He’s already
crumbled, I guess we’ll just end up watching that continue then.  Sigh!


(4/5)  My husband
makes fun of me for coming back to this blog over and over again, but even HE
laughed when I said she gave birth about a month ago. He doesn’t believe it. I
was in the ‘oopsie!’ camp… and seriously, who would go as far to fake a
pregnancy? they have to be … like… mentally ill. Not sure where I am NOW

Ballsy:   Mine’s
been laffing with me all along.  That’s
the thing – and the main thing keeping a lot of folk in ooopsy camp.  Who would fake it?  Apparently Sophie would.  And has before (tho that was for “art”, this
is for $$$/status).
Him going along?   Put yourself in his
position.  He’s been right-royally done
over.  And VERY publically.  A huge scandal right in the middle of his
film promo/Oscar Campaign?  He would have
been done.  Or go along, save as much
face as you can and try to figure something out?   And there might be something held over him,
we don’t know.  But any which way you
look at it.  This relationship is
sus.  This pregnancy is sus.  Something aint right.   Bora Bora? 
Primrose?  Any way you swing
it.  ONE of those bellies was fake.  HAD to be.  
Considering her size just before and after (Moneymoon/Heathrow), and her
size now?  Likely both.


(4/6)   wattaya know, SH looks off and nutty. i
denounce the ableist lang, but this girls doesn’t have all the lights on.

Ballsy:   That’s
the vibe.


(4/7)  If she really
had a baby in the last month, I’ll eat my hat. Nom nom nom

Ballsy:   Tinfoil
is tasty!


(4/8)  Hold the
muthaf@$kin phone. BC is holding her across the shoulders like a sib. But Erdem
circles an arm around SoSo’s waist. Fingers curled. Her eyes were all sparkly
too. And wassup with those boney ass ankles and wrists she’s got on full
display after “giving birth” sometime in the last few weeks?
Mmm-hmmm…😏 I’ma just sip my sweet tea (with a splash
of Jack) and wait for these idiots to rock up for tennis. But srsly? Hoe.
Don’t. Do. It.

Ballsy:   Oh you
know they will.   Hoping for tiny
ice-cream 2.0


(4/9)  Funny, in those
pics, Hunter doesn’t look like a worn-out new mommy now does she? And it looks
like Cumberbatch can’t look happy with her without putting constant booze into
his system (which is not good for him in my opinion). Though I am curious to
why the tabs haven’t done anything since it began. Or maybe, they’re just lying
in wait for the right moment to pounce…

Ballsy:   The
tabs are pointing out that they don’t look like they’ve had any sleepless
nights and how she’s “bounced right back”. 
But otherwise, they’re still pushing the narrative. 


(4/10)  Look at those
skinny pins & bony ankles on the newly minted mum. Ben gazing ‘adoringly’
at the wife and she looks like she’s in her own mindspace. I’ve only seen a few
pictures, are there any that show her looking at him? He is such an idiot, I
know he’s trying to save face to try to make this farce appear like a love
match, but please its just so pathetic. He’s trying too hard & she’s not
trying at all, business as usual for these two.

Ballsy:   Her looking
at him?  None so far.  Just one of them sitting together.  Kinda meh.  
She’s happier with Erdem.  Yep,
same old.


I just told my mother about SH’s outing and she was all like:


Who the hell leaves a newborn to go out partying? Even at a month old, you don’t leave it with a nanny for that long. It wasn’t even an important party and seeing as how she didn’t freshen up, they jumped from one to the next! That woman just made a huge PR mistake.” Coupled with her impossibly flat belly? I am tip-toeing towards the fake camp. They don’t even have to show Polyester Pete provided they split in the near future and ‘not his’ is used. Stuntsie is even worse than Notmybaby but for the very well connected procuring the ShamBub can be done. One possibility is that SH lost the Notmybaby and turned to prosthetics and then adoption to keep the narrative going. Remember that this is a fucked up fauxmance.

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