Have you seen the new pics of Benedict & Sophie @ the Serpentine/US Embassy shindig? They’re good but I get a strange vibe off them. He looks happyish? She loves cameras. So, that’s the same. And she has her pre pregnancy body back completely. No lingering stretched ab muscles. No big boobs. Breastfeeding helps weight loss. But there’s usually some other visible change. In short, they “look right” but something is still off. I just find it confusing. I’m not psychic. But I’mintuitive.


I haven’t. Busy with real life issues. But I’ve certainly read enough about them. 

The dismal duo looks better because they have been coached by PR to act more convincingly during their obligatory outings.They started selling the fauxmance harder at BAFTA, remember? But before that, when BC went AWOL? I think a new deal was brokered around that time. The ‘off’ vibe we sense comes from the fact that BC and SH are still acting. As to her miraculous recovery? Either she had the kid back in May or she didn’t have one. Simple as that. As to downloader, the reason why BC’s FauxWife is being drawn and quartered is her fault alone. She has an unsavory personality and a disreputable past, it was bound to come out. It’s already well known in the industry, is BC going to get mad at them? Even he isn’t stupid enough to think that he is going to shut celeb truthers up. Too little, too late. This outing was a simple damage control stunt for the general public, to quash rumors.

Primrose Hill was a disaster for obvious reasons, CBE was no bueno, baby news was a mixed bag so they couldn’t leave it at that. They goofed though, by trotting out FloralNag too early sans poofy dress. 

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