Asteroid Phaedra


Phaedra  174

Sophie Phaedra  4 Capricorn 24
Benedict Phaedra  27 Cancer 25

Phaedra was the wife of Theseus. She was the sister of Ariadne and the daughter of Minos and Pasipae. Her stepson Hippolytus had dedicated himself to Artemis and was keeping himself a virgin. Aphrodite became interested in him, but he wished to maintain his devotion to Artemis, and refused her. To retaliate, she caused Phaedra to fall in love with her stepson.

After Hyppolytus refused her too, in revenge she told her husband Theseus that his son had raped her. In retribution, he loosed one of the curses he had been given, and Poseidon sent a sea monster to scare Hippolytus’ horses, who spooked and dragged their rider to his death.

In guilt and grief Phaedra committed suicide. There are different versions of when she self terminated; in one she wrote a letter saying she had been raped and then took her own life, in another it happened after Hippolytus died. Either Phaedra or Artemis informed Theseus he had been lied to, that his son was innocent.

Benedict’s Sun is conjunct his Phaedra.

Sun                    26 Cancer 53
Phaedra             27 Cancer 25

This would make Phaedra very personal to him, either something that he is expressing or that the person with whom he is in a relationship is expressing. Both of these being square his Moon/Lilith/Chiron in the seventh house still give it a relationship connection.

So: either Benedict is lying about the son of his wife. or
     his wife is lying about his son.

Sophie’s Phaedra is conjunct her Fama.

Sophie’s Phaedra  4 Capricorn 24 conjunct Sophie’s Fama 5 Capricorn 55
                                                     conjunct Benedict’s Icarus 5 Capricorn 38

She will either become famous/infamous for being Phaedra, or for ‘directing’ Phaedra. And she’s bringing about Benedict’s fall from a height in the process (Icarus).

Considering that all of the fact checking about Sophie’s past theater claims have turned up inflated credentials, it is highly speculative as to whether Sophie is actually directing Phaedra or whether the production is just using her name for click-bait.

Unless she actually directs, and manages to do a good job, it is likely her true role will become known. In the myth Phaedra caused untold damage with her mischief, but she herself paid the ultimate price, and her lies became known. With Fama the notoriety can go either way, but the myth had an unhappy ending, and Sophie seems to be actually playing the part of Phaedra with her conduct.

On June 13 Phaedra was at 28 Cancer 44, four days after Benedict’s Phaedra return. If this is the birthdate for little Hippolytus Cumberbatch, his Phaedra is conjunct Benedict’s. The Phaedra conjunction seems to have triggered the Phaedra behavior, just as Benedict’s Sylvia return at the same time as the Palm Springs red carpet triggered all of the Tietjens/Sylvia behavior between the two.


The Death of Hippolytus, by Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne (1679–1731), Louvre.

Lying about the son…where have I heard that before? Oh, that’s right! BC has other placements that indicate that he may raise someone else’s kid. Then there are two BI that expose SH pinning SBF’s son on BC, making him believe it’s his. Once trapped BC had to lie to the public about everything. The fact that BC is stepdaddy to Notmybaby is an open secret in theatreland… 

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