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Remember when the BAFTAs happened at the beginning of February? Remember when PissyBatch turned into SmugBatch for the night? Remember when people lip-read her saying “You’ll pay for this” during the photos on the red…

Having *another* baby? You mean she’d have a sibling for polyester pete? Polyester priscilla perhaps? Because she’s not had a real one yet!

Well, that would mean another adoption or getting SBF to do her the favor…again. I don’t think BC would be stupid enough to extend the contract out further. Especially if she pulled the Notmybaby stunt. Given what the fauxmance is doing to him? That would be suicidal. When I told my mom about the BI regarding BC’s OTT philandering, she told me, “Ah, smart dog. He’s using other women to satisfy his libido. He’s not going to stop, he does not want to risk having a bio kid with SH.” He hasn’t gotten any of his hookups pregnant yet…including SH. But we know how this mess happened, don’t we?

Don’t be stupid – he’ll only have children with the person he’s meant to have them with.

And as far as him running around on Ursula… well, the marriage is fake anyway. *shrugs*

What? You know I am firm believer in Stuntsie/Notmybaby. I meant that SH could try to trap BC a second time, this time for real. That would mean a bigger payout for her. Would you put that past that crazy bitch? Cause I wouldn’t. Her career isn’t going anywhere but she is thirsty and greedy as all out. Remember that. BC is enjoying other company in the meantime for reasons. SH was said to be living with her BF, what more proof do we need? Once this contract runs out BC will be free to shop around for a girl to raise a proper family with.

You think he’s sleeping with her?  If he is, he’s truly a complete idiot.

I think they fooled around but BC’s now getting his itch scratched elsewhere.

I think SH prefers it that way considering how much he visibly repulses her.

He’s probably paranoid about birth control, I picture him offering his hookups Plan B LOL! If I were him I’d get Vasogel put in or a reversible vasectomy ASAP. IMO that ‘nauseating’ quote from Adobe Summit wasn’t about the Oscars themselves. It was all about the forced PDA, to me that spoke volumes about his true feelings. Based on all accounts they live separate lives and only appear together for some outings. As with all fauxmances they have to make it seem real.

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