The New Woman


With all this talk about who his next lady really ought to be like, I thought it might be a good time to look a little closer to that from an astrological standpoint. Miss M posted Benedict’s Draconic chart which revealed that he was looking for his “queen”. What more does astrology reveal about the woman he is REALLY looking for in his life?

Using the depositor/extension method (also demonstrated by Miss M), let’s take a look:

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Well, LH was a Virgo/Cancer IIRC. I see him falling for a Taurus, Virgo or a Capri Sun. I think people have a misconception about these signs, it also depends on the rest of the chart as well. I’m a double Taurus with a Virgo ascendant, I should be a stick-in-the-mud right? NO. I have a Grand Fire Trine and most of my other planets are in Air/Fire. Too many hard aspects between Sun,Moon,Mars,Uranus and it shows. In fact, I carry on like a stereotypical Aries Sun most of the time…which is what I am according to sidereal astrology. You know what else is funny? In this system BC is still a Cancer Sun with a super close Leo cusp. Leo starts on 07/20, so BC’s almost like a ½ of each. I definitely see that in him.

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