Ben wouldn’t fuck up his big hamlet role,he’s been going on about it for ages and through all this his face has lighted up during interviews when he is asked about it.


He’s Jay Z and Beyonce’s reincarnation put into one person. A whooping 43,000 requests for £10 Hamlet tickets, and selling out last year with the one’s full price. BC might be SH’s piggy bank, but Hamlet, is BC’s. There’s a lot of moola there for him if it’s true all these tickets were actually sold and BC gets top salary as King.

A little math here. The Barbican per show seats 1,156. There are some days that BC has two shows, one matinee which the tickets are only slightly cheaper, and the regular night production. The show will run over the course of three months, and ALL tickets have an owner. So saying that there will be Hamlet shows even on the weekends, That’s 31,212 for the month of Aug. In Sept, it’s 34,680 tickets sold. In Oct until the 15th when the show finishes, it’s 17,340 tickets. With a total of 83,160 tickets Hamlet has sold for a sold out show every night BC’s on stage (or not). And let’s say everyone got advanced tickets, they all went Cuckoo for Coco Puffs and they all bought the tickets at £30 (after the advanced tickets the prices got higher) no £10 tickets and the lot. Hamlet is raking in £2,494,800. Can you imagine what sort of cut BC might be getting if that’s the gross net of ticket sales alone. Don’t get me started on the merchandise they might have at the theater lobby.

Mores the shame that pretty much all of BC’s earnings are going to go towards SH’s big payout. Disgusting woman…and his tarnished reputation is riding on this performance. I don’t think he is any condition to deliver his best and the critics are not going to be kind to him. That alone could break him, he needs to take back the reins of his life. I’ve seen him get very ill, even saw him in a wheelchair in my premonitory dreams and they tend to be pretty accurate. The wild beasts that tore him apart? Tabs and critics most likely.

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