so this wedding was when again? the 21st? primrose was the 25th and people had that announcement to go the 8th. unless they gave the sex of the baby before it was born. do celebs do that? i know that they have tabs etc write up births before hand to have ready to go (like deaths) but you think they would give ppl the sex? preg at this wedding still, pregnant still on court/prim walk, announcement ready on the 8th so birth has to be between 25 and the 8th. birth registry anyone?


Primrose was the 20th. Pics came out on the 21st. Wedding was the 25th. She is smaller, no breasts, no look of discomfort, and her legs are crossed in an interesting position for someone with a belly like that…

Well, if you take say…20 and add 8-11 days to that what date does that give you? I still think she may have popped after but the range is still the same so nothing changes. Again we get pointers to: Notmybaby. BC is trying so hard to dispel rumors that are in all actuality true.

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