Yeah he’s still a gent after all and will play nice when with her friends. Wouldn’t shock me if he’s an ass to her when he’s with his friends (which is kinda a bad boyfriend thing in general)



Oh, I think it’s guaranteed that they’re nasty towards each other when not playing pretend. Now if only they were to slip up in public…

I get the impression that they cuss each other out everytime they speak, lol. 

Those two slip all the time. Primrose pap strut anyone? That was a PR flop. They had to make up for that and they only had 4 days to do so after the negative comments started raining down on them. Is it really any surprise they played nice at the wedding? We got tea saying that BC was constantly asking SH if she was ok in front of her friends at some meeting. This is the same guy who ran her into a bin and put her on a speedboat. Yeah, considerate my foot. 

Same as with the ShamWedding they have to keep up appearances because not many are privy to the fact that it’s bunk. HB knows as does TH, hence their negative reaction. I mean back in June/July some people who saw them said they argued pretty badly. Another person saw that SH refused to meet BC’s friend backstage. Yet one more girl said that they looked miserable with one another. Why go out with someone that you are visibly unhappy with? Because it’s a fauxmance that’s why. HW probably wanted them to get comfortable with one another and make the best of it but this never happened. 

As to hands on shoulders, it is also a sign of dominance and possessiveness. So it wouldn’t surprise me if BC has his passive-aggressive dial turned up to 11 with SH. In private? I can see their exchanges becoming unpleasant pretty quickly. BC looks like death warmed over because he’s swallowing most of the anger he feels towards SH. This has little to do with anyone else, she is the only new variable in his life. He can’t express his true feelings because that would expose the ShamWow for what it is.  

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