I mean were we wrong about this? He actually touches her in “private”





No. This doesn’t erase bingate, stomp off, Haggardbatch, etc. Remember the OTT PDA at the Oscars? That.

Wow, nanny’s gullible or a damn troll. Sorry if you are not a troll, nonny, but we get some goofies.

One, he’s standing behind her and looking like death warmed over still. He just has his hands on her shoulders, and lucky her, she doesn’t have to look him in the face and pretend to like him. That is not exactly an intimate touch. It’s interesting he supposedly is with her here, and yet he looks completely detached in the big group shot, and isn’t even standing next to her.

NEW THEORY re: deflated pillow: They were invited to the wedding. Since she is “friends” with these people (and he may be, too), they would like to go, but don’t want to deal with people asking about when the baby is due and how is she doing, blah, blah, blah. Too many mums there who are going to know in such close quarters (and weddings can be close quarters) that something is majorly off. Sooo…

They come up with the story she’s already given birth (hence smaller belly-mummy tummy), rock up, request of people not to talk about the birth because they want to keep it “private” (nesting and all that) and bingo, they conveniently have a couple of crap iphone shots to prove they were there and one really not clear overhead of the group with her conveniently hidden except her face, and not only can they attend their friends’ wedding, but they can keep the narrative going with a twist.

Maybe that is how ATCB believed that SH had already given birth-she’s with the crew who had these pics and were told to release them at a certain time to push the story of the annointed Downton Henry Timothy C the First, but not realizing what bs it sounds like.

Fits with the “pr are idiots” narrative.

What say you all?

The part that interests me is the fact that we’re getting these on a slow news day after commenting that 1. LL still hasn’t released numbers from London shows and 2. Press doesn’t seem to care re: birth or Hamlet anymore. Probably coincidence, but it’s interesting in that it doesn’t fit the usual pattern. And on the same day as the SB fuckery? Hm.

Hmm indeed!

We already established that she was probably past due. These photos don’t change my opinion one bit. Of course SH had to drag along her +1 to AS’s wedding. He’s a friend who just so happens to be helping her piggyback off of his work. It’s funny how even here there is no sense of ‘togetherness’ like that found in a normal (real) couple. Even in the group photo BC has a pained smile like he’d rather be anywhere else and you are right, that hand grip doesn’t look gentle. Yet when he’s with a friend, relative, even stranger he can produce a genuine smile. TBH I’ve yet to see him do that with SH…because reasons. Probably standing there thinking, “Please let this be over.” New father goes out partying with lotsa chicks because? I think if any of this were genuine BC would be nesting with his wife and newborn. Oh this is so badly executed it hurts

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