His next love – not a fling but love – how will she accept the situation that’s been going on right now? She will be his wife (probably the legal one) and filling in the shoes of a hired RC GF (former escort to put it politely) who went rogue with her plan (I do not believe SH was ever preganat and there is no baby at all).



I imagine that if Benedict marries a second time then that woman would feel like most women feel about their man’s exes. Some are highly contentious, some get along just great. I remember reading a story about how Rod Stewart’s exes get along very well with one another and even have celebrated holidays en masse with their respective children by him. That should be the ideal not the exception. 

I’m pretty sure that his next wife won’t have anything to do with Ursula, just like Benedict won’t have anything to do with her. 

Especially since NO BABY EXISTS. So neither one of them would have to deal with her ever again.

After everything SH has done to BC? Any woman who loves him enough to marry him despite his baggage train? Will probably loathe SH, at least initially.

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