Some people just don’t get it…

Had some stannies question the Notmaybaby dates. Look it’s not that hard, since DD is centered around end of May (21-31). Statistically speaking most babies are actually born around 40 weeks + 8 days. According to BI there was an almost 4 week difference between the dates SH gave BC and the actual dates. Originally DD was in June, then moved to May ATLM? These weren’t twins we were talking about. Again note the time difference. They were apart for most of August. SH only saw BC at the very end of August and beginning of September because he was busy with HC (and SGF) and then TIFF. They weren’t exclusive at that point. The possibility of BC being the babydaddy was so slim that SH had to ‘seduce’ him to pin her kid on him. 

What does that tell me? That given their arrangement BC used protection and didn’t frequent SH that often. She was however, probably sleeping regularly with her SBF. She must have insisted on hanging around BC as soon as she found out she was preggo to lessen his suspicions later on. How many of you want to bet that SH got a positive test when BC was in Toronto? A business ‘friend’ sounds like HW told her to accompany BC as his ‘date’ to Ballyturk. That’s probably when she tricked him into foregoing protection and then blamed the preg 3-4 weeks later on that ‘slip’. Anything earlier simply does not work, neither does anything later because of hospital practices in the UK.   

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