I know harrow is a great school but hear me out,maybe young Benny didn’t pay attention in the ol’ biology classes and wasn’t aware of the fact that you actually are suppose to have a human baby after 9 months of pregnancy


That would also mean BC didn’t pay much attention in Maths 101. Because 1 man not wearing condom/hole in condom/late to pull out + 1 woman not on birth control and right around her optimal ovulation period = 1 babe that should come out 9 months later. And from what I’m aware, BC has 10 fingers on his hand to count back the months to conception.

See some people are saying that Notmybaby may have been born at 37-39 weeks. Nope and here’s why, brilliant SH (as always) blabbed about the due date being first in early Summer and then later changed that to Late May. You know what’s interesting? Didn’t the BI state that the Due Date was off by almost a month vs. what she originally told BC? As I said before you cannot test that early. 9 weeks at the earliest and it takes time to process. BC had no way of knowing, he must have gone to the first appt. after he came back from the TIG November promo tour. 

If he went before, then SH put him on lockdown before the test would reveal her ruse by making the enGAGment public. Some people were claiming BC could simply ask for a test and then call it off. Not that simple. SH could do what she wanted, she had HW on her side, an ad in The Times and a ring on her finger. Summer officially starts on 06/21 and ‘Late’ is from the 20/21st through 30/31st of any month. So she was at 40 weeks by the 21st which would be the Due Date. Most births however occur an average of 8 days after. If not they are induced particularly in the UK. She apparently had a C-Section which happens overwhelmingly in those cases. 

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