a possible sh-bc blind #2 CDAN


“He is supposed to be married and expecting a baby with his wife. Then why on earth does this foreign born dual threat actor go out with different women every night? Usually blondes.”

Now we have our “dual-threat” married and expecting-seems to be focusing in on BC.

Uh oh. Does that seem like the behavior of a happy first-time father? That’s because he isn’t! I believe BC confirmed his suspicions and doesn’t give a fuck about SH or her baby. Still, scandal needed to be averted for the time being. That CBE was coming up, too much bad publicity already. Now I believe that tweet about Newcastle, BC’s back to his old ways. If he is being this blatant about going Han Solo, the trouble in paradise stories are going to start, accusations of cheating and then for the Grand Finale: ”How could she do this to me!” BC will claim that he only paid her back in kind and that her cheating prompted him to investigate.

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