Hi Anna. It’s a boy. What does everyone think? Kisses from film-anon. xx. (P. S. I intend to open up a Tumblr account, in order to come off anon, & will discuss the film there. Saw Pride at pixs tho) xx






I just saw! I can finally stop reblogging that pregnancy post by gnanon; I can hardly believe it…

I guess:
1. My clairvoyant nanny was right about the pillow being a boy
2. Ben can now stop reading comments about how unworthy of the CBE he is and can start reading about what a great dad he will make to said pillow
3. The newborn princess will have a (fluffy) suitor?

Make up that tumblr account so we can make communication easier! ;I)

I called it. That kid was born at 41.5-42 weeks, conception during mid-late August. The actual birth date of 05/30-05/31 was obscured to throw tabs off the scent of Notmybaby. Probably happened when BC reactivated his FB. I am still sticking by the theory that it ain’t BC’s and he has to play along. Too much shady fuckery surrounding the whole thing. Once that ad was posted HW’s PR machine took over and his fate was sealed. CBE leak was to barter with The Sun, now I am almost certain. The Sun will get Notmybaby exclusives and then hunting season will start. Their time has officially run out.

Oh and I think it’s gonna be tough pinning down the geese whose pillows were used in the making of that pillow….

Aeltri:  From your fingers to Benedict’s PR’s ears.  It makes total sense, which is the only reason I’m hesitant to “believe” it.  

Aeltri – I think you’re right.

Yay! More ShamWow BI. The window of trysting for Notmybaby falls mainly when SH was sans BC. I think we all know that and the public’s not that stupid. Why would she keep giving SBF money? That wasn’t hush money either, it was to help him pay off his debt. Even if post-natal paternity test results excluded BC he’s in a bind. Remember I said he may wait a bit for reasons? I don’t think any skeptic expected him to announce that ShamWitch is a lying ho-ho, it’s not his and that he is getting an annulment immediately. Can you imagine what the press would do to him? I think he was threatened into revealing the baby info but given that The Sun didn’t get first dibs they may leak soon. Very soon. If that happens they are going to talk of ‘privacy’, split and only until later will the public learn why. Embargo on baby related questions once word gets out. 

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