Could it be that he took her name ? So nobody would find official papers searching for Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch instead of Benedict Timothy Carlton Hunter ?? And their pillow baby would also be safe and unrecognisable through this not so unique name ??


That is seriously something I have never thought about. But then again, the surname Cumberbatch is basically what differentiated him at the beginning of his career. So much that when he was using Benedict Carlton, they asked him to go wit Cumberbatch instead because it was something that pulled people in, made them want to see who in the world was named BC. 

However, I get what you’re trying to say and that maybe he put the papers under Benedict Hunter, divert the attention and keep his famous surname to the public. Definitely something worth considering knowing this couple’s affinity for WTFry. 

That would be not only pathetic but thoroughly emasculating for BC. Taking on Hunter’s last name? Really? Has it occurred to some people that they can do a search under her name to look for joint records? I think SB is implying that one of the 3 know BC not SH, or that they are closer to him. I think it’s evasive BS, they are pro-SH as well almost to the detriment of BC. They are getting nervous because they’ve probably been getting messages threatening to out them by now, LOL…

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