UK Human Tissue Act

It was instituted in 2004 and can make it considerably more difficult to perform covert paternity testing without breaking the law. Firstly, any alleged father must have legal parental responsibility. He must be on the birth certificate which he needs to provide a copy of and he also has to submit his ID. After recent changes in 2003 IIRC unmarried men can have parental responsibility but as you know if the babymama leaves the country or is uncooperative it’s easier said than done. A husband is automatically assumed to be legal father of his wife’s kid which simplifies matters considerably. The problem is that while it is under medical supervision most doctors will not ok DNA testing without the consent of the mother. 

That’s right, even if the alleged father is having a test performed using only his DNA and that of the kid’s medical staff is told to not get involved. You wont believe the OTT theatrics some Cluster B women will stage when they want to con a man into ‘adopting’ some other guy’s lovechild. SH seems desperate and unstable to boot, if he wants to end the ShamWow BC has to tread veeery carefully with her. His best bet would be to collect samples from Notmybaby while no one is watching. He would incur no penalty under the HTA because he is legally being named as it’s ‘father’. Send the samples in, then if that test comes back excluding him blindside SH with a court order for a legal DNA test. The threat of a paternity fraud lawsuit would be serious enough to get her to back down on blabbing, because unlike her DNA tests don’t lie.

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