You know the more i think about it the more i believe somebody or some people have been out to get BC, the question is why and who? He’s not that big is the US for some people to know, let alone want to destroy. And i don’t think it can be just SH, it could be HW, he certainly has that kind of power but why? What reason does he have?


Someone needs to dominate the UK (BC) and someone needs to have a sort of fan base in the US (what SH might’ve been trying to accomplish with the Vogue article)

Which is what I’ve been saying all along. HW is a vengeful SOB, don’t forget that. Think he’s happy with BC and SH after fucking up a straightforward AA campaign? No. He paid too high a price for a nom TBH. HW had never, that I can recall gone on a talk show to save face before. The ShamWow put him in the hotseat and it wasn’t entirely his fault. The Dismal Duo picked the worst showbiz mogul to get on the bad side of. Sure HW talked about BC playing Edison, what comes out of that remains to be seen. It might also distract from a hidden agenda to do him in. HW isn’t just friends with AW he’s also pals with JE (SH’s possible ex-pimp) and Murdoch among others. I also think that BC got cocky, did some stupid things and there are receipts floating around.

You can bet that HW knows about BC and SH’s dirty little secrets. 

Sorry to say this but they brought this upon themselves, if you are under a contract you need to follow it. It’s a job, causing unnecessary problems for your boss = incompetence. All HW wanted them to do is go on a few playdates and act nice on the RC, that’s it. For a professional beard or Award Season Escort that should have been easy. Look at BCoop and Irina Shayk, she was closeted Christian Ronaldo’s beard for years while hooking on the side. Suki Waterhouse was in her early 20′s and she pulled it off. SH isn’t that warm and cuddly? Fine then, keep the PDA set to mild and carry on. BC didn’t have to give that many details about their non-relationship, he could have put an embargo on certain topics to steer the conversation back to TIG. Remember that Edison can always be played by another A-Lister on HW’s viewfinder. BC can be successfully replaced ATLM as per ‘Crimson Peak’ and ‘Lost City of Z’…

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