Sometimes I see people referring to Ursula as Lady Voldemort, and every time my mind goes straight to that scene in the Goblet of Fire when Voldemort says he wants Harry to look at him when he kills him. And says “I want to see the lights leave your eyes”. Well, well, well. Job well done, Lady V. 40(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/245c670a03e5110c1111dab89c67ecc8/tumblr_inline_noz2hdisBm1tpiwk1_500(.)jpg



Ballsy:  Now you’re just giving us all sads


Ben at awards show vs. worried Ben at a court case. Is this really a fair comparison?

It’s not just the expression though. Look at his eyes, they are dead. The boyish sparkle is gone, that IMO is the most heartbreaking thing to see. Anonny that talked about BC having a death wish? I wouldn’t doubt it, he’s depressed and not hiding it very well. It’s also evidence that toxic Squid and the ShamWow are behind this. After all, if BC kicks the spit can SH and Notmybaby (and SBF) get most of his estate. Were he with a kind, caring partner he wouldn’t look like he was having his soul slowly sucked out by a Dementor. He would also take more comfort in the ShamBub even if it were Notmybaby. His despondent look comes from knowing that the fauxmance show must go on. He’s also been hitting that bottle hard from the look of things…

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