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Strange Game Afoot or WHY?

Sorry this is long, but I have to get it off my chest.

I know JR said he wasn’t alluding to a Cumberbatchling when he tweeted the “tiny pengling” photo. But I don’t believe him. Because, yesterday, he tweeted a motivational poster that had a penguin on it saying, “you…

KB was BC’s first choice. KB didn’t want to play trophy SO for the benefit of BC’s career. SH was also hooking up with BC after HW pulled her from the list for RCG. He knew her and she probably worked out of Pimp Epstein’s M2 ‘modeling’ agency…just like KE. It is clear based on all the deets about other hookups that theirs was an open affair. SH was likely still plying her trade when she wasn’t with BC and if you ask me babydaddy could be one of the guys in the group trip to Scotland. Remember those pics from mid-late August? Yeah, sitting on a ‘friend’s’ lap? What else? It did become more exclusive as the ShamWow began picking up speed for award season, the outing with AW was part of it. Now AW likes BC but she is besties with HW, connect the dots. That is why when SH said ‘oopsie’ BC panicked and no it wasn’t in early September, I’d say early October. HW probably told BC what he expected out of him pronto and that’s when we got Drunkbatch sans RCG at GQ. You see ‘No Homo’ was most definitely HW’s idea from the start and despite BC’s obvious disapproval he trotted out the RCG at LFF to drive the point home. It was a clumsy PR move and one that SH would not have dared on her own.

 40 weeks would still equal Notmybaby around BAFTA if they fudged the delivery date. If they didn’t and induced @ 41-42 weeks we get birth at the end of May. So that gives us a hookup date within the last two weeks of August at the earliest. Also care to explain the boatload of BI? The sightings of SBF? All to obscure a 3-4 week discrepancy by effectively destroying SH’s already questionable reputation and damaging BC’s in the process? So now SH’s not only a blackmailer and a prostitute but a perpetrator of paternity fraud? Admitting that they were secretly dating would be far, far preferable to that

Why would SH be forking over money to SBF if he is out of the picture? If BC was on board with this as a Top Secret bearding arrangement she wouldn’t be doing things on the down low. I’ve never gotten the feeling that either likes the other very much, especially SH. Also if they were sure to be parents and getting hitched why were they almost never on the same page? Regardless of the circumstances why was BC constantly distancing himself from Notmybaby while shoehorning it in a forced manner? That is not normal, it’s ‘your’ kid, you are married, just keep your babymama out of the spotlight and you’ll be ok. I don’t think the rumors were all fiction, there is truth there which is why the ShamWow has stunk from day one. Why give The Sun exclusives if all they have is ‘hearsay’? Because it’s way more than that. There is a wrongness about the whole thing that cannot simply be explained by the desire to save face. 

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