Just my two cents on the pregnancy whispers.




PS. I am in neither camp until there are pictures or an official announcement from the Queen herself. I’m a firm believer of evidence and this is iffy, with circumstantial evidence at best.

Bringing this old post back from Jan 4th when everyone thought the pregnancy rumors were false or at most SH was 2 months pregnant. 

She was 4 months pregnant by then. If you look at the photo I shared in one of my earlier posts between the end of the 1st and start of the 2nd trimester one month growth can be noticeable. It doesn’t have to a particularly big baby or more than one baby either, each woman is built differently. Looking over a bikini still of her SH has a ruler/column body shape, thin and narrow hipped. There is a reason why wider hips are considered an advantage from a reproductive standpoint…

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