BTS of Tom Hiddleston’s latest Jaguar XE commercial. Enjoy! 

I had no idea Tom Hooper directed this commercial! He directed Les Misérables, The Kings Speech and The Danish Girl. 

Given the re-dub of BC’s voice in Jag ads and his notable MG downgrade it’s safe to say that his contract wasn’t renewed. Sad, because being married shouldn’t do that to your image. I can think of numerous attractive actors who are family guys but don’t loose gigs over that. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again SH has been a pox upon his public image, a PR disaster. As another Anonny said it’s one more testament to her incompetence. That theatre director who called her useless cow insulted the bovine species! They could have taken a cool ‘civilian’ gal, polished her up a bit and she probably would have rocked the rc. BC is in for a rude awakening, he’s not surrounded by good people. Well, maybe a handful of loyal buds but mostly? Professional poseurs and opportunists like SH & Co.

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