I told SOGO, but she didn’t seem interested, that Sophie was seen pregnant last Tuesday. She left with 3 women, one of which is a baker. She was visiting my friends neighbour, from across the road. My friend was sure she was pregnant with twins, as she is tallish and was carrying so big.



Maybe SoGo wanted more solid proof? 

Concerning the twin comment … pleeeeeease my college at work has a similar physic and she is pregnant with twins. She is at the end of the 6th beginning of the seventh and she isn’t even as big as the BoraBora pics from Jan.
She says the gain will happen in the last trimester with supposedly 100 Gram per day. So one should take that info above with a bit of salt since no recipes have been provided. Or were there some?

The tabs said Kate was carrying twins too and Stats Britain threw that out there as a possibility. Poor BC, considering more and more BI point to SH getting knocked up by her bf. Adopting not one but two kids? Better get that paternity test ASAP…though that would explain in part why BC was willing to go through with the ShamWedding. Too bad it was for nothing!

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