Besides the sheer irrelevancy of the appearance yet again of another blog of lies about complete strangers, I love the idea that all these other haters actually believe their views are significant in any way shape or form to the PR folks of either the two said strangers. That’s the amusing bit about all this – they (and, you possibly) think they actually give a shit about what a bunch of lying nutters anonymously post online. Sure.

LOL, lying nutters. You mean BC, SH and their respective PR people? Because every other sentence that comes out of them is BS and you’d have to be a nutter to think the ShamWow is working. We are just pointing that out but y’all are so dumb you rather shut your eyes than face reality. Oh and for the record we know that PR people peruse skeptic blogs. Judging from the IoW, Fail etc. comments? So-called ‘haters’ outnumber stannies by a considerable margin. In short, it doesn’t look good.

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