You do such an excellent job at finding the sources of clothing favoured by the Sherlock crowd, and I thought I’d ask if you are able to hunt down the source of Sophie Hunter’s grey/blue wool hat with the little fur pom on the end. It is adorable, and very much like one I wore for years until it fell apart. Thank you in advance. :-)


Thank you so much! 

Unfortunately we haven’t had any luck finding her hat – it’s entirely possible she’s had it for a while and would therefore no longer be available online. We did find some which look pretty close:

Sorry we couldn’t be more helpful! 

Heh, I had one when I lived in the UK. You can find them in Camden Lock of all places for £20. I forgot my suede deerhunter hat on the bus and my head was freezing so I bought it out of necessity. It was made of knitted black wool with pom on top and fur accents on either side, a fancier version of the blue one. I was heartbroken when I learned that the area is being targeted for re-development. R.I.P. Camden Market…

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