Things to do when you meet a celebrity



  • tell them they inspired you
  • politely ask for a picture/hug (if the situation allows it)
  • ask them what to expect next from them (relating to their career)
  • don’t touch them without their consent
  • thank them for the things they do
  • tell them you appreciate their hard work
  • don’t say anything you wouldn’t say to a stranger
  • don’t yell at them
  • don’t sexually harass them (that includes sexual “jokes” you might have read on tumblr)
  • do not mob them
  • don’t ask them about rumours
  • just be a proper human being

They are human beings (and strangers) and don’t owe you shit.

I would ‘t do any of this because I don’t approach celebrities, but still passing info on to others.

Actually, they do owe and depend on their fans for the existence of their career. Most wouldn’t have shit if no one wanted to see them perform…I say that people shouldn’t make a big deal out of anyone’s celebrity status, you admire their work that’s enough. Don’t grovel, don’t kow-tow, be polite but keep your composure. Treat them like you would anybody else with regard to personal space and basic manners. That’s it

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