OMG, I’ve been in denial about those two for so long and I used to frequent the “skeptic” blogs and all that… And I’ve just come to a realisation that I’ve been fucking silly and stupid and jealous of a famous actor. And now I’ve come to terms with it, that the marriage is 100% legal and the pregnancy is real. And it feels rewarding and satisfying to finally acknowledge that. I’m going to find myself a boyfriend/husband of my own… Life is so much better when you embrace reality! 🐰🐰🐰🌿🔥✨


Denial is one of the stages of grief. At least the “fake marriage” rumors have died down and I’ve always believed there was a baby.


Gaslighting…it’s already begun :/. BenSop is probably legal just like TomKat. But TomKat was a business arrangement that was carefully planned and relatively well-managed by PR. By comparison the ShamWow is a flaming hot mess, with contradictions at every turn and oodles of BI/dirt. There is truth behind these allegations, there are simply too many so they are definitely hiding something big. Why did they bribe The Sun and why does BC look like death warmed over? Look at TH’s reaction to BenSop if you don’t believe that there is something else going on here. Is he jealous too? LOL.

There is a baby but it may not even be BC’s and SH is now allowing herself to be seen with another possible babydaddy. All this after sneaking around with Mr. 2Minutes during the enGAGment? Still not buying it, it’s a fauxmance gone horribly wrong that they are trying to sell at all costs. They even used LL to do so, what does that tell you? Real doesn’t need overselling and this relationship has smelled like surströmming from day one.

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