LL/LoN/Modzi Ltd


Following happilyhardarcade​’s post about the recent changes that have been made regarding LoN, I decided to look into it myself and managed to get more official information.

It turns out that LL and LoN are the same company, with the same ID.

In fact, LL was the first name of the company, which was changed to LoN in February (on the 16th, to be exact).

And SURPRISE! The name has been changed again. To “Modzi Limited”.


(Sorry for the poor encoding and French terms, I can’t view it another way. But you can search for Modzi Limited on Dellam. It’s the only website where the new name is registered, anyway.)

According to Modzi’s page on Dellam – and official documents, the change of name was electronically filed on March 26, and given at Companies House on March 27.

As for the appointment terminations, the information indicated on Dellam, CompanyCheck and Endole is accurate and confirmed by official documents: Byng, Selves, BC, Todd and Ackland have terminated their director appointments, which leaves Gibb and Gregg in the LL/LoN/Modzi company.

*clears throat*

PR? Could you explain this?

Maybe Gibb and Gregg view LL/LoN/Modzi like the business it is. They pressured the others to leave because they didn’t feel comfortable having them on board as anything more than collaborators. If any of them falter they can be replaced by someone else without affecting the way things are run. I wouldn’t get alarmed but I would take it as a sign that things aren’t going all that well on the BC front. The ShamWow is indeed taking it’s toll, BC still has work because of contracts signed before it all happened. But once those assignments are over he may be offered roles that are well beneath his ability. I think someone alluded that things are going to start looking bad in 2-3 years time. SH may not be around by then but the damage to his career will be…

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