If they marry I don’t think either one will pull the plug and end it. She wants financial security, possible job connections and I think he has to much of an ego to admit he f’ed up marrying her in the first place. Then again she could get a nice divorce settlement.




When was SH flirting with AA

Apparently this happened very recently and one commenter on BuzzFeed pointed it out. Said something about SH being ‘unpleasant’ and how SH and AA couldn’t take their eyes off each other. Should have screencapped it, dammit. I am inclined to believe it because there was tea on Eggsy’s blog a while ago about Alice Ackland hating SH…I think we just found the reason why. The worst thing is that AA is not only married, he’s BC’s bff AND partner in SunnyMarch. Imagine what this could lead up to…


As fakerbatch mentioned, the commenter may have been talking about BC/SH with “they couldn’t take their eyes off each other”. AA wasn’t even at the BAFTAs. And the man on the pic with Skanka wasn’t AA, apparently. Looks like him, yes, but it was another guy, with another name. BTT might help with that!

No. I remember that the commenter specifically said: SH and AA (maybe look-alike) couldn’t take their eyes off each other. BC wasn’t mentioned at all. Must have found it odd that SH was flirting with someone other than her fiance apparently. I’m not surprised and were I Alice Ackland I still would not trust her.

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