OMFG the new find. the video with her “acting” agagin. I don’t get this bunch of weirdos and their “art”. they’re doing it just for themselves, they are so drunk on themselves. sickening. no need to make money to pay rent and food so let’s make pretentious bs art. very accomplished indeed…






It’s not even on her imdb either! Gee, I wonder why?  (It was done in 2009)

Link? I missed the earlier convo?

Video called A Shred of Identity  Sophie is about 2:40 in, and it also has David Birkin and Eloise Forneiles


Can I get my 3 mins back pls?


Holy Starbucks…SH can’t even drink coffee convincingly. At first it looks like she’s downing a Sambuca shot! JB and EF can’t act worth shit, figures they all like one another. No one feels threatened when there is a complete absence of talent.

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