On the Native American slave owners–Yes they did exist. It was an attempt made by NAs to assimilate to Europeans standards. However, the way they treated their slaves was ENTIRELY different than how whites treated theirs. They didn’t believe in torture because unlike white people they didn’t feel as if Africans were inferior. They treated their slaves so humanely that white slave owners wanted to infiltrate their reservations to show them methods of torture and control.













I have read about the treatment ECT ECT . That’s great that you are attempting to kinda clean their hands / possibly your own – but at the end of the day people were still enslaved . NA still sold their family members who looked like negro natives to the hands of slave owners BLAH blah blah raped / killed / & tortured . That’s great that you are on some #NOTALL type shit but we both know that it’s fucked up . Done with the sugar coating – ” well at least I’m not a thief / well at least I’m not a killer / well at least I don’t commit adultery fuckery ” please spare me .

The problem is
No one wants to take responsibility for shit they did or still do .
& till this day unless you are black official Seminole NA still TREAT AFRO AMERICANS LIKE DOOKIE DOO DOO !

What typ e of mental gymnastics do you have to do to say people treated slaves humanely?? The main staple of slavery was that we were dehumanized and traded as PROPERTY. The fuck..

“ I mean, yeah we bought and sold y’all on a regular basis, but we were nice about it.”


To be fair some NA tribes did enslave one another but it was not the same as the slavery practiced by Southern whites. Nothing justifies slavery but the few Africans that were enslaved by NA were not thought of as subhuman. It was more in keeping with the type of slavery practiced among some African tribes. Also, it was far more common for escaped African slaves to be incorporated into NA tribes as free men. NAs were also enslaved by whites along with having most of our land taken away by foreigners of various ethnicities. Stop with the infighting already and stop acting like AAs were/are their only victims.

To be fair –

Stop down playing the struggles of my ancestors .

 Do you react out of impulse not realizing how fucked up you sound ? Or are you doing this for fun ?

Learn t have sympathy for other races and religions beside your own please. Cause I’m fairly sure you don’t go up to white Jews – black ppl who went through white holocaust and say shit like “to be fair the Germans-“

&^ you sure as fuck wont go to a NA and say ” Well guys to be fair the Europeans -.”




****Please find time to review the notes / my answer / do some research and miss me with that #notall bullshit thanks

What part of SLAVERY WAS INHUMAN do yall not comprehend?There is no such thing as a kind slave master.Own up to yall bullshit.

Did I say slavery was justified? NO. But we are talking about that practice and how it varied from culture to another. White colonizers were exceptional in the sense that their system was based on the pseudo-scientific concept of racial superiority. NAs and Africans practiced slavery as well but their reasoning behind it and the way in which slaves were treated was usually different. That is the point I am trying to make. I ask that AAs, indeed any oppressed group stop playing down NA struggles as well. For many in America we barely exist, we are like ghosts in a land that was once ours. Do you have any idea how that feels? Of course we sympathize with AAs, we too were enslaved. Of course we pity Holocaust victims when we were the victims of the greatest systematic genocide in all of modern history! Too bad we don’t get the same compassion in return.

You’re pathetic

Why? I’ll tell you what is pathetic, whinging on about exploitation while dismissing other people as if you had a copyright on it. You don’t and we are never going to get anywhere if we don’t rally behind a common purpose. That purpose should be ending white dominion, this system was designed by them and will ALWAYS favor them at our collective expense.

Lmao God you just can’t help your little anti-black self can you? No white dominion isn’t the only problem it’s also non-black POC like YOU who feels like black people should be exploited for some greater good. We don’t need you nor do we want to be along side you with anything.

FYI I am of mixed NA descent, make of that what you will. I can’t hate part of myself, which is why I am familiar with AA/AL history. No one should be exploited, not you and not us. In order to prevent that we have to be aware of one another’s past experiences. Wealthy whites are still on top, look at the ethnic makeup of the 1 percenters in Brazil for example. I don’t see too many brown faces, do you?

FYI I don’t give a shit bout what you just said.

Claiming that you don’t care IS easier than coming up with a counterargument. If you truly didn’t ‘give a shit’ as you say you wouldn’t be so upset.

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