The Arrangement


The Arrangement

A media outlet is working on a big story exposing the wife of a former A list Hollywood power player, revealing her history as a high class escort and paid girlfriend. 

Well, we know SH was a hooker turned RCGF and that BC was formerly A-List though he’s never been a power player. I can, however, think of more than one person that fits that description to a T. For the sake of continuity my guess would be: 

(Former) A List Hollywood Power Player: Harvey Weinstein 

Wife: Georgina Chapman

Could it be that they both ‘managed’ HW’s girls? If so where does SoFail fit into the puzzle? I can’t help but think that there is a definite connection…


LOL, “godmother” to “SoFail’s kids” and Georgina knew about her too. Harvey routinely tried out his merchandise and only cared about covering his fat ass. Benedict be damned…

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