I had a few asks about David Birkin, so here is a basic summary of who he is, and how he’s related to the Clusterfuck that is the Shamwow:

David Birkin has degree from Oxford in Human Sciences. Has worked as courtroom sketch artist at Guantanamo Bay. Lots of military involvement. Odd for a British national but considering who Dad is. Perhaps he works directly with the military, replacing his father, Andrew Birkin, who was a spook for MI6 and the CIA, specializing in torture and brainwashing techniques. He was at Harrow with Benedict, but is much more involved with Sophie’s circle. We are now almost positive that he’s Sophie’s “handler” in the sham. And given some of the things we’ve seen (a fucking symbol carved in Benedict’s head, for example), he may be the real threat. I know Benedict and his family were threatened…and he would be the kind of guy who you’d believe, when threatened. He’s been in the background from the beginning…but we all thought he was there for Benedict…turns out he was there for SOPHIE (or Zero, as I like to call her). If he’s like his dad, he would know how to brainwash and control people through torture and gaslighting. Which would explain why he always showed up whenever Benedict was being “difficult” and trying to get out of the sham. Can’t have the cash cow leaving the pasture, now can you?

And anyone who wants to add to the Birkin summary with pics, etc, feel free. I’ll reblog if I see them.

David Birkin is a distant cousin of SoFail’s who’s nevertheless very close to her. By all accounts he is an MKUltra Programmer who was trained by his dad Andrew and their links to fellow spooks, cultists and Black Nobility backers even as far abroad as Italy is no coincidence. SoFail serves as a honeytrap hoe and Handler despite being programmed herself. David’s used her to Handle Benedict by proxy so that they can all keep abusing and exploiting him until he drops dead. Nice family 🙄…

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